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Do I have to acquire camping permits in advance?

Although you do not need to acquire permits in advance, it may be a good idea to do it if you are planning to come during holiday seasons.

If you cannot get a permit in advance, camp rangers will collect the money at the site but they may charge you $1-$2 dollars more per person. If this is the case, make sure you have cash on hand as the rangers will not accept credit card payments.

If you wish to acquire permits in advance, you can download the application online through The Kauai County Website. Fill out the application, then mail the completed form to:

Department of Parks and Recreation
Park Permits Section
4444 Rice Street, Suite 105
Lihue, HI 96766

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be confirmed by email. For cancellations prior to 7 days of the rental start date, the $200 deposit is refundable. For cancellations made less than 7 days prior to scheduled pick up, the rental deposit of $200 shall be forfeited.

Please note, we will not refund you if you cancel after your arrival.

Do the vehicles have 4WD?

No. Our vans do not have 4WD and taking the vans anywhere off-road is strictly prohibited.

Polihale State Park: there is no service once you leave the paved road. This and other sand/dirt roads are off limits.

Where can we go with the campers?

The vans are allowed anywhere on island (except Polihale State Park and other dirt roads, unless specified). There are six county campgrounds, one of which allows car camping. There are also three private campgrounds (in Haena, Anahola, and Waimea) and one state campground which all allow car camping. Private campgrounds typically have hot water showers and other features.

For more info, please visit The Kauai County Website.

Also, please note that you can go to any camping site with the camper as long as you set up the tent outside the vehicle (we provide a tent free of charge).

Do you offer airport pick up and drop off?

Yes! We offer free airport pick up and drop off during our normal business hours of 8 AM (08:00) to 6 PM (18:00).

If your flight is before/after our pick up and drop off times, you can make your own arrangements to pick up/drop off the vehicle at our location in Kilauea.

If you want to arrange pick up or drop off out of business hours, a fee of $50 — $100 will be added, depending on scheduled time. All vehicles must be returned to our Kilauea location, where we will provide transportation to the Lihue airport. Drive time from Kilauea to the airport is 35-45 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

We’re not from the US or Canada; do we need to have an international driver’s license?

No, we do not require an international driver’s license. You can drive in Hawaii with a foreign driver’s license, under the conditions that your license is valid and written in English.

What is your insurance policy? Do I have to purchase insurance?
If you have your own full coverage insurance and you are a US or Canada resident you can typically use your own insurance in the rental. However, please make sure to call your insurance carrier to make sure they cover campervans.


If you are not a US or Canadian resident you must purchase our insurance at $15/day. The deductible is $1500.


If you’re driving under your insurance plan, the vehicle deposit will be $1000 (payable upon pick up). If you’re driving under insurance provided by our company, the vehicle deposit will be $500.
What is the driver’s minimum age?

The minimum age for any driver is 21 years or older. This is also an insurance requirement, therefore we cannot waive this requirement.